BAND-MAID, a group of 5 maids who play hard rock. Their choices of “The song I listened to during tours abroad“


文: Yuya Eto 

BAND-MAID, a group of 5 maids who play hard rock.Every week, they choose their favorite songs for 4 weeks.Third round: selection based on the theme “the song I listened to during tours abroad”

BAND-MAID Member choose “The song I listened to during tours abroad”

Die Young by Kesha


MIKU's Select Point:

I’ve always liked Kesha from way back. While we were on the road I listened to this song many times. It pumps me up!

Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran


KANAMI's Select Point:

I love Ed Sheehan so much that I go to his shows.. This song matched the street views perfectly when we were on tour abroad and I kept listening to it. His melodic sense is amazing and I cannot help listening to it on repeat.

Good Morning Night by Kim Jae Joong


SAIKI's Select Point:

It’s fun when we are on tour abroad, but I sometimes miss Japan. The same way that I sometimes miss the owner of the voice that I like. That owner of the voice is Jae Joong. His melodies are great and his voice is superb. This song gets the crowd going at his shows too, and I definitely recommend it. I used to listen to this song when I needed to cheer myself up or motivate myself.

Stripper Vicar by Mansum


MISA's Select Point:

This band was also introduced to me by a friend. It’s a boy band from Chester, UK. To put it concisely, everything about them touches me and I love the vocal. Thats’ why I often listened to this song while I was on tour abroad. It’s sad that the band already broke up. I wish I could have seen them live. Their musical sense jives perfectly with my taste.

Heisei Pain by go!go!vanillas


AKANE's Select Point:

Its light beat naturally swings my body and cheers me up! This song is super effective for getting pumped or feeling positive. I mainly listened to it as background music while I was on the road, on the plane, and when I was getting ready in the morning. When I listen to it at the start of the day, I feel like I can stay energized for the entire day!

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