BAND-MAID, a group of 5 maids who play hard rock. Their choices of “The song I listen to when I want to feel refreshed”


文: Yuya Eto 

BAND-MAID, a group of 5 maids who play hard rock.Every week, they choose their favorite songs for 4 weeks.Second round: selection based on the theme “the song I listen to when I want to feel refreshed”

BAND-MAID Member choose “The song I listen to when I want to feel refreshed”



MIKU's Select Point:

Listening to this song clears up my gloomy feelings! It sounds so good when I listen to it with earphones that I can’t help raising the volume.

A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay


KANAMI's Select Point:

I listen to it when I want to heal my ears. Usually I have a lot of work to do on the computer, so I listen to this song when I want to feel refreshed. Chris Martin’s vocal and the band’s ensemble are intoxicating.

Heikousen(Parallel Line)by Sayuri


SAIKI's Select Point:

This song is stuffed with a good balance of things that I like. It perfectly fills me with happiness and no matter how many times I listen to it, the more I listen the more I like it. Listening to my favourite song makes me feel positive and refreshed. I find myself being healed by her voice and breaths. The best way to listen to this song is to get it in your ears directly with earphones!

Down by Stone Temple Pilots


MISA's Select Point:

Stone Temple Pilots! There are so many great songs and I couldn’t pick one. I ended up picking a song that simply feels good in my ears. Personally, this is one of the songs that makes me feel very refreshed. I like its exhilarating, roaring sounds. That is one of reasons I prefer grunge and alternative rock. When I listen to Stone Temple Pilots, my stress just goes away. Naturally I end up drinking more too.

Turn Off The Light by Unchain


AKANE's Select Point:

Listening to Unchain heals my ears. lol Listening to the vocal and Its beautiful, high-quality tone cleanses my heart and calms my feelings. Every phrase and beat feels comfortable! It naturally fuels my motivation and makes me feel like “Ok, let’s do this!”

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BAND-MAID was formed in July 2013 and the current members came together in August of the same year. BAND-MAID’s image is rooted in the maid cafe culture in Japan and they perform dressed as maid hostesses. They refer to their concerts as “servings”, male fans as “masters” and female fans as “princesses”, all based on the maid cafe culture. In contrast with their submissive image, BAND-MAID has attracted many listeners with their hard rock sounds. They continue to increase the number of enthusiastic “masters” and “princesses” not only in Japan but also overseas.