BAND-MAID, a group of 5 maids who play hard rock. Their choices of “The song of an artist I respect”


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BAND-MAID, a group of 5 maids who play hard rock.Every week, they choose their favorite songs for 4 weeks.Final round: selection based on the theme “the song of an artist that I respect”

BAND-MAID Member choose “The song of an artist I respect”

Gunjyo Biyori (Ultramarine Weather) by Tokyo Jihen


MIKU's Select Point:

This song was the reason why I started liking the band. I love Sheena Ringo’s worldview and I was touched when I saw their music video for the first time.

Europa by Carlos Santana


KANAMI's Select Point:

He is one of the guitarists that I respect. Europa became the reason why I got to know Santana. I believe this song is the reason why I’ve managed to work so hard to get to where I am.

Heavy feat.Kiiara by Linkin Park


SAIKI's Select Point:

I don’t remember how I came to know Linkin Park but I love them, they’re great, they’re cool, and I have respect for them. I like them almost instinctively. The incident with Chester was sad though. I still watch the music video for Heavy often because I sense a lot of humanity in it.

New Mistake by Jellyfish


MISA's Select Point:

When I was little I always listened to this song as my mom often played the band’s music at home. Before I knew it the song was ingrained in my body and I loved it so much. Even now as an adult, I still listen to it while I drink. As I grew up, my love for the band transformed into respect. I was shocked when I found out that the drummer was also the lead singer. I also love their jacket photos. This is off topic but during my early elementary school years I got a cell phone and I managed to make this song my ringtone after trying so hard. lol For as long as I can remember, I had this song as my ringtone throughout high school. I must have liked them a lot since way back.

F by Maximum the Hormone


AKANE's Select Point:

I was shocked when I first heard their song and found out that the drummer was a woman.I was fascinated by the drum phrase and the thick and heavy sounds. I couldn’t imagine it was coming from a woman. Maximum the Hormone taught me the freedom and joy of music and the drummer Nao motivated me to start drumming. I will admire them forever!

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