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We are interested in Spanish rock band MOURN's movie that they play emotionally and attempted to interview them on Skype. They are still based in Barcelona and completed the 3rd album "Sorpresa Familia" this year. They have not come to Japan yet, but they show us the state of activities with a smile on SNS. We are looking forward to talking to them directly next time.

In VOL. 3 we talk to Jazz and Carla, members of MOURN, a band that’s been making waves in 2015. While all the members are still in their teens, they’ve caused a whirlwind of commotion in the music industry.

Right in the midst of their world tour, these girls already have their dreams at their fingertips, but they had a relaxed conversation with us as normal 19 year-old girls, not some “specially chosen kids.”

Including my own review before in “AMP”, countless music media outlets have taken up how wonderful MOURN’s music is on their eponymous debut (sometimes I get the feeling they get taken up a little too indiscriminately), so with our Skype interview we hoped to present the girls in as real a way as possible.

Carla Pérez Vas
Jazz Rodríguez Bueno

“In high school we were frustrated with everything and put it all into our music”

ーSorry I’m late! We had some Skype trouble and it took about 20 minutes…


That’s okay! We both just woke up too, so don’t worry!

ーThanks, we appreciate it! We can start the interview right away. First, what kind of music have you taken inspiration from and what kind of energy do you think it comes from?


We listen to all types of music so it’s hard to say one thing, but I guess you could say all of us love 90s rock music.


Our music is born from having fun playing together as friends. It comes really naturally and then we make it deeper.


Jazz and I make songs together in my room and then we share what we came up with the other members.

ーIn your lyrics there’s a lot of frustration and anger towards boys. Does that just come from your everyday lives?


Yeah. We wrote most of the songs a year ago when we were in high school, but we were really frustrated… It’s not only about boys, it’s about everything, you know? We weren’t really learning anything in school, just sitting and listening.


And a lot of songs come from our imagination. We just made that frustration into stories.

ーI see. So you made that frustration into music, were able to debut around the world and now you’re Skyping to Japan for an interview and will play at Pitchfork Music Festival in July. What do you think about all these changes?


Very excited and grateful. Because we couldn’t imagine this last year, when we were writing stupid songs… Doing the Pitchfork Festival and talking to Japanese media. Haha. We’re in a place we couldn’t imagine. It’s just WOW.


Actually today is Jazz’s 19th birthday… excited


Yeah! It’s my birthday! (The interview was 2/20/2015)


A year ago we had just finished recording the album and I wrote her a letter saying “we have to make our dreams come true” or something… Last year’s dream is coming true. It’s beautiful.
Carla and Jazz holding up the birthday letter Carla gave to Jazz 1 year ago

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Jazz & Carla from MOURN
All the members of the rock band MOURN are from Barcelona, Spain and between 15 and 18 years-old as of 2015. They signed with Captured Tracks, the popular New York indie label known for acts like DIIV and Mac Demarco, and the four teen prodigies have been making themselves known all over the world. This all came about from the meeting of two young, talented girls named Jazz Rodriquez Bueno and Carla Perez Vas. They were bored with their classes and stupid boy talk, and became taken with the "past foreign music" of 90s indie rock and started making their own songs. This summer they'll perform their first big festival at Pitchfork Music Festival.

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